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Project management

We lead people in change processes

The majority of all operational development management and change management is currently organised as projects. The hallmarks of a successful project are conscious, structured working methods to succeed in a fast-changing world. Prové has extensive experience of successfully managing complex, far-reaching projects in both the private and public sector.

We provide certified project managers, combining industry standards with expertise in leading people in change processes. Based on extensive knowledge of project management, we offer the security of using models and methods in a pragmatic way, in order to promote the execution, results and goal accomplishment of the project.

Models and methods

The model and method are adapted to the client’s situation

Prové uses standard and proprietary models and methods to bring about change. Many of them are used across areas of expertise. We have the skill and ability to assess the client’s needs, and take responsibility for creating the best combination for each project, ensuring that genuine change and desired effects occur.

Models and methods

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