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Organisational culture

Work and decisions based on values

In a values-led operation, all decisions and the day-to-day work are firmly based on values. The values also form the basis of the prevailing organisational culture. ​Actively developing the culture and core values is about releasing the potential in the workforce, securing sustainable development and an attractive working environment characterised by commitment and drive for the best of the individual and the organisation.

Prové measures and develops the existing culture and core values of an organisation. We also help to formulate values that promote positive behaviours and attitudes, ones that lay the right foundation for achieving visions and objectives.


Models and methods

The model and method are adapted to the client’s situation

Prové uses standard and proprietary models and methods to bring about change. Many of them are used across areas of expertise. We have the skill and ability to assess the client’s needs, and take responsibility for creating the best combination for each project, ensuring that genuine change and desired effects occur.

Models and methods

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