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Customer-led process development

Processes are crucial to the customer experience

The organisation’s processes are crucial to the customer’s experience on their customer journey. Successful process development is based on the understanding that the customer’s perspective and the own organisation form a whole, a system where everything works together. Understanding the customer’s perspective is about the experience and the interaction in different situations throughout the customer journey. The operation’s perspective is about developing efficient, high-quality processes that increase customer satisfaction, meet needs and generate profitability.

Customer-led process development creates understanding of the big picture and the working methods’ impact on the customer experience. ​Prové has long experience of developing processes and establishing working methods for continuous improvements in both the public and private sector.

Models and methods

The model and method are adapted to the client’s situation

Prové uses standard and proprietary models and methods to bring about change. Many of them are used across areas of expertise. We have the skill and ability to assess the client’s needs, and take responsibility for creating the best combination for each project, ensuring that genuine change and desired effects occur.

Models and methods

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