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Prové people have a powerful desire to drive change initiatives. We have long experience of change management in different parts of our clients’ businesses. The power behind our offering and our combined know-how is active, ongoing work in employee-led competence groups. These groups monitor the business environment to keep us updated on the latest research into theories, methods and tools, which are then applied in our assignments based on the client’s needs and situation.

Change management

Leading in change

Expertise in leading individuals and organisations through change is crucial to achieving the desired effects of business development.

Customer-led process development

Processes are crucial to the customer experience

Customer-led process development creates understanding of the big picture and the working methods’ impact on the customer experience.

Project management

We project manage change initiatives

The hallmarks of a successful project are conscious, structured working methods to succeed in a fast-changing world.

Business development

Conscious business decisions

Thinking innovatively around business models, and strategic decisions that bring continuous development and long-term profitability.​

Organisational development

Complex challenges call for effective organisation

Organisational development is a planned change steered by the management, encompassing all or parts of the organisation.

Digital transformation

Digitalisation starts in people

Digitalisation entails using IT to create higher value for the operation and its customers. This may involve a change of business model, value proposition or work approach.

Operational management

Effective management makes goals and visions come true

With Prové’s model for operational management, our point of departure is always the helicopter perspective.

Individual, group and leadership development

The potential in individuals and groups

By working in a focused way to develop the potential and effectiveness of individuals, groups and leaders, we create the conditions to bring about change and genuinely increase operational benefit.

Organisational culture

Work and decisions based on values

Prové measures and develops the existing culture and core values of an organisation.

Agile working methods

Succeeding in a changing world

An agile organisation plans and implements changes efficiently and often works across disciplines.

Pilot study and assessment

Where we are and where we want to be

With our experience of operational development and change processes, we can ask the right questions and collect all the relevant information.

We operate in many sectors

We lead people through change

Change management is about creating the outer conditions and inner motivation that bring about a shift in individuals and organisations. Meeting people is where the commitment and drive are created to move towards the desired situation. Regardless of content, scope, industry, or public or private sector, change is the common denominator in all of Prové’s assignments. We have helped many individuals and organisations to experience the effect, and we present a selection of projects below: