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People first, because we know it works

Whether customers or colleagues, our basic philosophy is always people first. We have far-reaching know-how and a solid background, along with a powerful desire to drive change initiatives. Today, Prové comprises almost 100 employees and business partners working as change leaders for projects in the public and private sectors. We also have many years’ experience in leading roles both in change projects and in the line, and have the capability to take responsibility for different kinds of change process.

We boost our customers’ competitiveness by always starting from business benefit. We put people first, and know that all individuals have the potential to develop and further improve in their business operations.


We believe in personal empowerment and potential

We work close to our clients’ business with an all-encompassing focus on quality, business benefit and a sense of work joy. We place great emphasis on the individual’s commitment, participation and responsibility for their own development, as well as for the development of the group and the organisation. Prové’s work approach varies according to needs and situation, but there is always an element of learning.

We often work in teams in a process centred around group meetings. The groups may already exist within the business or have been created for the project in question. We believe in the power of working together. When we combine our expertise in change management and business development with the client’s knowledge of their own operation, we create sustainable solutions and real change.


It all started with a genuine desire

Prové began doing business in autumn 2005, on the back of a genuine desire to make a real difference. We wanted to make a contribution to long-term development, create changes, and see people and businesses grow. The Prové name is based on the word ‘prove’, but with the E accentuated to signify ‘effect’ – our identity is about working with our clients to create and establish sustainable solutions that lead to genuine effects.